Long Island Real Estate – What we used to find our house!

Posted on the August 24th, 2007 under Interesting by John

Just a few suggestions on what we used for find the house we just purchased… I am sure some of you know these already, but for those that don’t here are a few GREAT resources!

http://Zillow.com – The Web 2.0 of Real Estate Sites

http://PropertyShark.com – GREAT SITE! – shows everthing

http://MyNassauProperty.com – Property Taxes and other important info for Long Islanders

http://MLSLI.com – MLS Long Island Listings

http://www.advancedfundingsolutionsinc.com – great mortgage guy, with amazing rates! tell him John sent you

http://maps.google.com – maps / directions / aerial photos

http://maps.live.com – awesome closeup aerial photos

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    R Laino
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    john burmeister
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