Choices, to many Choices! What to get for the new house? And Taxes!

Posted on the August 24th, 2007 under house,Levittown,Remodeling by John

We have been to a few places to check out tile, cabinets, flooring (wood), and numerous other places. There are so man choices!

I received the DeWalt tools from eBay, everything came perfect and new! I’ll be looking for some more tools to save 50% compared to Home Depot Ripoff Depot.

Other then that, I looked into grieving taxes, it seems the previous owner has been doing his job by grieving them every year. I also read that grieving your taxes after purchasing your home is a great idea, because you can use your appraisal and purchase price as proof for your home value. Being that Nassau County (Long Island) seems to over inflate your home value to rape you in taxes, this looks like a good option for me to fight the man.


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