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New roof going on the house today!

Posted on the December 16th, 2010 under house,Remodeling by

I have a new roof going on the house today.  After a few weeks of getting quotes, and finding the right roofing guy for the right price its finally going on.  We are also getting rid of one skylight towards the back of the house.   Reason for dumping the skylight is that I need to built a wall and the skylight would have been right in the middle of where the wall is going.  Some before / in progress pictures are below.  I’ll have some after shots later today / tomorrow.




Quick Ruby On Rails Tip for Nested Resources

Posted on the November 1st, 2008 under My Projects,Remodeling,Ruby on Rails by

Just a quick tip for when you are doing nested resources….

In this example, I am building a app for a client where there is a recipient and they have many physicians. So I have a case where I have a nested resource. To keep thing DRY, I added this to my before filter where I get the recipient. This allows you to nuke the find in the show, edit, update and delete actions and retain the original use of @physician.

def get_recipient
  @recipient = Recipient.find(params[:recipient_id])
  # DRYs her up a little so you don't have a find in the show,edit,update and delete actions	
  @physician = @recipient.physicians.find(params[:id]) if params[:id]

Don’t forget to modify your index find, change it to reflect the nested route… In my case:

    @physicians = @recipient.physicians.find(:all)

Have any other useful tips? Let me know!

Some updated house pictures, guest room, pond and garage!

Posted on the August 28th, 2008 under house,Levittown,long island,Remodeling by

Here is how our kitchen and dining room came out.

This is the buffet table we did in the dining room, we did a glass tile counter top for it
b/c of the leftover tile from the backsplash in the kitchen.

This is the guest room I just (almost) finished yesterday,
just need a bed frame and some other stuff..

The next project, the pond, got my rocks yesterday… Loaded down my truck and my dads.  PA Flag stone.

My other project I am working on, the garage!  To many projects, not enough time…

Eventually I’d like to do a nice garage tile floor and finish rocking the garage.  Garage has its own zone of heat too.