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Some pics of the Mustang all cleaned up and ashtray switches installed…

Posted on the August 8th, 2009 under Interesting,Levittown,long island,mustang,My Projects by

Here are some pics from a few weeks ago when she was all cleaned up.   The stang looks a lot better via photos then in person, but hey… What do you expect for 23+ year old paint?!?! Other pics are for the new switch console I added to the ashtray.  These switches control my Fan, Shift Light, and gauges.   Heading to Englishtown,NJ this weekend for the big Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords Event.  More info on the event here: It should be fun!




Some pics of the control panel installed in the ashtray, sorry crappy pics, took it with my iPhone.

mustang ash tray

mustang ash tray

AutoMat’s Car Show in Hicksville New York

Posted on the June 27th, 2009 under long island by

Took a few pics at the car show over at AutoMat’s car show. It was a good showing and a beautiful day, it was a nice change to the 23+ days of rain this month! Plus I got to take my car out for a ride.

Show info here:

All Photos I took here:

Some highlights below:







Nassau County New York (Long Island) Red Light Camera List / Locations

Posted on the April 25th, 2009 under long island by

I just got an email from a friend of a friend with the list of Red Light camera’s that are being installed all over Nassau County (Long Island, NY).  Just click the link below and it will download a list of the town’s and intersections where the camera’s are installed or being installed.   I’m not for anyone blowing red lights, but I am against this. Whats next?

Download PDF File Of The Nassu County New York Red Light Camera’s