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Golf – Myrtle Beach Trip – November 2008!

Posted on the October 6th, 2008 under Personal by

Just got our confirmations for Myrtle Beach this year! Last year was a blast, looking forward to this year.

Here is a pic from last year…


Here are the tee times for your golf group.

11/5 Myrtle Beach National West

11/6 Waterway Hills

11/6 Witch

11/7 Aberdeen CC

11/8 Kings North

11/9 River Club

11/9 Willbrook Plantation

Thats a lot of golf!

Here are some before, during and after shots of the landscaping

Posted on the May 27th, 2008 under house,Interesting,Levittown,long island,Personal,Remodeling by

Here are some before, during and after shots of the landscaping. We did a simple design for the front, and are planning on adding another layer or two of the brick to finish it off. We just did one layer so we could put the initial mulch down and that is all that would fit in my truck.

Everything seems to be growing pretty good, the grass has some bare spots and I’ll address those in the spring. Hopefully some of those weeds will go away with the next weed and feed session. Next up is to do a fence along the side and back (behind the new arborvitaes we planted). Waiting for that tax refund!

Front Before

Front After

Another Shot of the front – An in progress photo

Another two shots of the front – All done – And sidewalk / walkway is power washed now!

The Backyard


In Progress (All cleaned up and seeded)

After – John Power washed neighbors fence too

Two more backyard shots

Tree smashed my truck, wife’s car, and my house – Will I be in good hands? (Allstate)

Posted on the March 8th, 2008 under house,Interesting,Levittown,long island,Personal by

Well,  this isn’t a normal “house update”.  The house was updated, but with a few thousand pound branch that crushed my truck, scratched Chrissy’s car, and took off my brand new gutters.  Below are some pictures, it happened at about 10:45pm (about an hour and 1/2 ago) on 3/8/2008.  I reported 3 claims (yes three) to Allstate.  They made me do one claim per car, then one for the house.  I’ve herd some horror stories in the past with claims of this nature with Allstate, lets just hope they handle everything correctly.

I do have a question for everyone, this was a branch from my neighbors tree.  What do I do? Who’s responsible for the tree cleanup and all of the other expenses?

Sideshow here:

All pictures here: 

Yes, the tree is IN my car!

Roof is crushed in, windows smashed, quarter panel is smashed….

Wifes car has a lot of scratches and missing a side mirror now…

Thats one big branch!