My Current Projects

Said So – Mini Blogging / IM / Social Networking web site build in Ruby and Ruby on Rails

EDI Talk – I hope this to be a in depth resource for all things EDI, Compliance, and dealing with the day to day operations of doing business via EDI as well as dealing with routing and vendor guides. Large chains and Department Stores can be quite a task to handle. The site is evolving into being a community driven resource.

HomeMate – A web front end utilizing a MySQL database backend that communicates with the Heyu Linux command line program to control X10, Insteon and various lighting devices. Currently you are able to control various X10 devices, Insteon devices as well as setup schedules. For example, my fish tank is turned on and off a few times per day to cycle the light. It is also used to turn lights on and off while on vacation. In addition it keeps a complete log of every action, as well as logging of the motion detectors. I am planning on adding more features when time allows, such as emailing / IMing / Texting on motion, and more complex log auditing.

I am also currently leading a project to covert a group of sites from PHP to Ruby / Ruby on Rails. The site(s) will be a complete ecommerce solution with a central management administration section. It will allow the complete control of products, orders, sales, stats, and various other functions from one single administrative control panel. It will be quite a challenge to build, and I am looking forward to displaying some screen shots and build progress.

I have other smaller projects I am working on, nothing really to speak of here. More or less personal projects that make day to day life in my house easier and more interesting.