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Stairs are now done, finally!

Posted on the November 16th, 2009 under house,Levittown,My Projects by

These stairs are finally done.  First was the endless sanding, then the staining and polyurethane.  I put off painting the risers and sides because its a nightmare to prep, plus I had other projects from “The List” to get done.  I went through a roll of tape just getting everything ready before painting.  Primed with a good primer, then hit it with a semi gloss white from Benjamin moore.  (I went with the semi gloss because of durability, I used this on all my moldings and doors)

Anyways, here are some pics.  The flash from the camera makes it seem more shiny then it actually is, I think it came out pretty good.




Some pics of the Mustang all cleaned up and ashtray switches installed…

Posted on the August 8th, 2009 under Interesting,Levittown,long island,mustang,My Projects by

Here are some pics from a few weeks ago when she was all cleaned up.   The stang looks a lot better via photos then in person, but hey… What do you expect for 23+ year old paint?!?! Other pics are for the new switch console I added to the ashtray.  These switches control my Fan, Shift Light, and gauges.   Heading to Englishtown,NJ this weekend for the big Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords Event.  More info on the event here: It should be fun!




Some pics of the control panel installed in the ashtray, sorry crappy pics, took it with my iPhone.

mustang ash tray

mustang ash tray

Some updated house pictures, guest room, pond and garage!

Posted on the August 28th, 2008 under house,Levittown,long island,Remodeling by

Here is how our kitchen and dining room came out.

This is the buffet table we did in the dining room, we did a glass tile counter top for it
b/c of the leftover tile from the backsplash in the kitchen.

This is the guest room I just (almost) finished yesterday,
just need a bed frame and some other stuff..

The next project, the pond, got my rocks yesterday… Loaded down my truck and my dads.  PA Flag stone.

My other project I am working on, the garage!  To many projects, not enough time…

Eventually I’d like to do a nice garage tile floor and finish rocking the garage.  Garage has its own zone of heat too.