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Mustang Catch Can Install

Posted on the June 21st, 2009 under mustang by

I was having some issues with some oil getting back into the intake via the PCV valve so I descided to add a catch can.  The catch can’s job is to do just what it says, catch junk that may pass through the PCV before the air is recycled back into your intake.    I grabbed a crappy can off eBay and modified it to fit my needs.  The first thing I did was disassemble the unit, it was put together like crap.   I re-threaded and sealed all the connections and tested it to hold pressure.    I also dilled out a few of the connections to support more air volume.

This pic is after I drilled it out, the holes before were 1/2 the size.

Drilled out the holes to allow more airflow

Everything re-sealed and ready to go…

All the parts taped ready for install

The clear tube so you can see how full the can is.

Tube Installed (so you can see if there is junk in the can)

The bracket mounted….


The final mounting and lines hooked up…

The Installed Catch Can

Mustang Project Update and my foxbody got some new headlights

Posted on the April 16th, 2009 under mustang by

Figured I’d post some before and aftershots of the the new Headlights I just put on my Mustang.   The ones that were on there were these Euro on piece designs that looked like crap.  They were also cracked and leaking, when I washed the car it was like a fish tank in there. (pictures below)

Just a small update on the project also… Rear main seal, new clutch (MMR RBT700), pilot bearing (Ford), throw out bearing (Ford), and flywheel (Ford) are in.  I have to bolt up the cross member to the tranny, I had to modify it for the new 3550 TREMEC that we put in.  Down the road I’ll have to get that welded so there is no shifting.  I also need to hook up the clutch cable and make sure that’s OK and test it before I bolt the exhaust back up.  After that I should be good to go, and hopefully no problems.  The new clutch requires a 450 mile break in of stop and go. The clutch should handle the power OK, it seemed to get good reviews on the various mustang forums.

During some of the downtime I clayed the car and used a paint cleaner.  It looks pretty good for its age, hopefully tonight I’ll apply the polish and get the wax on sometime this weekend.  The car has a ton of scratches and other issues, but for a 23 year old car it looks pretty good.    If I have everything rolling this weekend I’l really like to get the undercarrige of the car cleaned up, I was thinking of putting it on jack stands in the driveway and getting some engine degreeser underthere and spraying it down.  I tried to wipe most of the old oil off around the tranny area from the old rear main seal leaking with some break cleaner when I was putting in the tranny.  I need to read up more on detailing the engine bay as well, its pretty dirty in there. (any suggestions welcome!)

Headlight pictures

Old Look:

New Look:

With Parking Lights On: