Mustang Catch Can Install

Posted on the June 21st, 2009 under mustang by John

I was having some issues with some oil getting back into the intake via the PCV valve so I descided to add a catch can.  The catch can’s job is to do just what it says, catch junk that may pass through the PCV before the air is recycled back into your intake.    I grabbed a crappy can off eBay and modified it to fit my needs.  The first thing I did was disassemble the unit, it was put together like crap.   I re-threaded and sealed all the connections and tested it to hold pressure.    I also dilled out a few of the connections to support more air volume.

This pic is after I drilled it out, the holes before were 1/2 the size.

Drilled out the holes to allow more airflow

Everything re-sealed and ready to go…

All the parts taped ready for install

The clear tube so you can see how full the can is.

Tube Installed (so you can see if there is junk in the can)

The bracket mounted….


The final mounting and lines hooked up…

The Installed Catch Can

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