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Stairs are now done, finally!

Posted on the November 16th, 2009 under house,Levittown,My Projects by

These stairs are finally done.  First was the endless sanding, then the staining and polyurethane.  I put off painting the risers and sides because its a nightmare to prep, plus I had other projects from “The List” to get done.  I went through a roll of tape just getting everything ready before painting.  Primed with a good primer, then hit it with a semi gloss white from Benjamin moore.  (I went with the semi gloss because of durability, I used this on all my moldings and doors)

Anyways, here are some pics.  The flash from the camera makes it seem more shiny then it actually is, I think it came out pretty good.




Pics of new Fence, Front Door, and Entry Way…

Posted on the November 3rd, 2009 under house by

Figured I’d update the old blog with a few house updates.  We had a new door put in, then me and my father-in-law tiled our entry way.  I also just had a fence put in.





Here is our poor attempt at a pumpkin carving 🙂



Nassau County New York (Long Island) Red Light Camera List / Locations

Posted on the April 25th, 2009 under long island by

I just got an email from a friend of a friend with the list of Red Light camera’s that are being installed all over Nassau County (Long Island, NY).  Just click the link below and it will download a list of the town’s and intersections where the camera’s are installed or being installed.   I’m not for anyone blowing red lights, but I am against this. Whats next?

Download PDF File Of The Nassu County New York Red Light Camera’s