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Some new pictures of the outside, grass is coming in strong!

Posted on the June 21st, 2008 under house,Levittown,long island,Remodeling by

Here are some new pictures of the outside, the grass is coming in really good.  I just finished putting down some fertilizer / grub and insect killer.  Central Air unit / install is going to happen this Tuesday, I am excited!  We ran the 40 Amp line outside into a waterproof box with a cut off and the whip is ready for the Unit install.  I also ran an extra 20 amp line outside for some low voltage lighting and eventually a pond pump into its own small waterproof box.   I was able to score a free pond pump and pond insert, I am not sure how big it is, but its free!

Front Yard

Back Yard

Here are some before, during and after shots of the landscaping

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Here are some before, during and after shots of the landscaping. We did a simple design for the front, and are planning on adding another layer or two of the brick to finish it off. We just did one layer so we could put the initial mulch down and that is all that would fit in my truck.

Everything seems to be growing pretty good, the grass has some bare spots and I’ll address those in the spring. Hopefully some of those weeds will go away with the next weed and feed session. Next up is to do a fence along the side and back (behind the new arborvitaes we planted). Waiting for that tax refund!

Front Before

Front After

Another Shot of the front – An in progress photo

Another two shots of the front – All done – And sidewalk / walkway is power washed now!

The Backyard


In Progress (All cleaned up and seeded)

After – John Power washed neighbors fence too

Two more backyard shots

Siding is 95% Done – Started working on Bamboo floors upstairs!

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Well the siding is 95% done, there is just some minor trim work that needs to be completed.  It really came out a lot nicer then I expected.  The wider planks and grainy look makes it stand out from regular vinyl siding.

Front View:

Back View:

Me and my Father-in-Law started the Bamboo flooring upstairs.  We started in the master bedroom and are working our way into the office.  It looks a lot nicer then I had imagined.

Ignore the messy bed and desk!

Other Bedroom Angle

I’ll be working on the office / hallway area’s this week, then into the guest bedroom.  Our entire 2nd floor with be Bamboo with the exception of the bathroom & laundry room.