Siding is 95% Done – Started working on Bamboo floors upstairs!

Posted on the January 21st, 2008 under house,Levittown,Remodeling by John

Well the siding is 95% done, there is just some minor trim work that needs to be completed.  It really came out a lot nicer then I expected.  The wider planks and grainy look makes it stand out from regular vinyl siding.

Front View:

Back View:

Me and my Father-in-Law started the Bamboo flooring upstairs.  We started in the master bedroom and are working our way into the office.  It looks a lot nicer then I had imagined.

Ignore the messy bed and desk!

Other Bedroom Angle

I’ll be working on the office / hallway area’s this week, then into the guest bedroom.  Our entire 2nd floor with be Bamboo with the exception of the bathroom & laundry room.

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