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Day 3 At the House…

Posted on the September 25th, 2007 under house,Levittown,long island,Personal by

So far everything is going OK.  Last night after work I ripped up some of the carpet on the first floor while waiting for the kitchen cabinet place to come.  The kitchen guy measured the whole area and should be drawing up some plans / options for us over the next few days.

Tonight I’ll be tearing down some sheet rock in the kitchen because we will need to re-wire / upgrade the electric anyways.  And if I have time, I’ll finish taking up the carpet in the other room.  I am taking off tomorrow and I’ll be meeting my friend there to help me spec out what needs to be ordered from Home Depot (sheet rock, wonder board, wiring, outlets, etc) and make a few trips and get everything there so we are prepared.  I am also having a dumpster delivered tomorrow morning to the house, this way we can get rid of everything pretty easy.  I ordered a 20 yarder, and that should be PLENTY for the demo work we need to do.

Things are moving full steam ahead, however as I anticipated there are a few more things we need to do that we did not plan for initially. There are some studs and rock that had some mold issues due to a leak, as well as just some old wood that I’d rather replace then taking a chance.  No reason to go cheap now, I’d rather just do it right.

I’m hoping to get the plumber in there the end of this week to replace the main water cutoff valve as well to do some other minor changes.

Wew – First 2 Crazy Days At The House!

Posted on the September 23rd, 2007 under house,Levittown,long island,Personal by

Wow, this weekend went fast. We closed on Friday, then Saterday I had just a few hours in the morning to work at the house. We went to my sister-in-laws house warming party. Sunday was spent demoing almost the whole first floor, crazy day. Anyways, the kitchen, bath and a few walls are now gone on the first floor. Below are some video’s from day 1 and 2, I posted them on and I also uploaded the higher quality ones to the site (requires quicktime to play I beleive). I’m shot, so tired, hitting the sack now.

Day 1 (high quality)

Day 2 (high quality)

Day One

Day Two

Closing on the Levittown house in Long Island is Tomorrow!

Posted on the September 20th, 2007 under house,Interesting,Levittown,long island by

Well folks, thats it, closing it tomorrow!  Friday, the 21st at 3:00pm.  Its going to be the biggest check I have ever written, quite scary.  Over the next few months we will be renovating almost the entire house.  Kitchen, Bathrooms, floors… Tearing down walls, and putting up a new ones.  Going to re-wire some older electric, and also add in some Cat6 to the walls for the ethernet.  Besides what we have put down on the house, we saved up some cash to put into the house for the renovations.   I’m very excited, and can not wait to get the keys tomorrow! ( the house is empty right now)

I plan to video tape a lot of the work and progress that goes on, and if I can snag a wifi signal I’ll broadcast it live.  Nonetheless the video’s will be posted on here from time to time, I plan on taking apart the kitchen first, and utilizing the cabinets I take down for extra storage in the garage. ( Sorry no smashing here)  I plan to smash down a wall or two, so I’ll be sure to get that on video.

I do have to re-route some baseboard heating, I am not quite sure how I am going to do that ( I have no experience with plumbing), but I am sure I’ll learn. So stay tuned,  I’ll post an update this weekend!