Wew – First 2 Crazy Days At The House!

Posted on the September 23rd, 2007 under house,Levittown,long island,Personal by John

Wow, this weekend went fast. We closed on Friday, then Saterday I had just a few hours in the morning to work at the house. We went to my sister-in-laws house warming party. Sunday was spent demoing almost the whole first floor, crazy day. Anyways, the kitchen, bath and a few walls are now gone on the first floor. Below are some video’s from day 1 and 2, I posted them on youtube.com and I also uploaded the higher quality ones to the site (requires quicktime to play I beleive). I’m shot, so tired, hitting the sack now.

Day 1 (high quality) http://burm.net/movies/day-1-levitt.m4v

Day 2 (high quality) http://burm.net/movies/day-2-levitt.m4v

Day One

Day Two

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