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Full Steam Ahead On The House and Co-Op!

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Well folks, my golf days are soon over! We have a closing date of this Friday on the house we purchased.  I also have the Co-Op sold, and the bank appraiser is coming tomorrow to look over the place.  So I’ll have to miss work for a bit twice this week, but at least tomorrow I can work from home.   I am very excited, I can not WAIT to get out of this Co-Op.  It was great for the first year, but then after that it drove me nuts that I could not just walk outside to fire up a BBQ or smash a golf ball or two.  It is going to be a quite a hectic next 6 months or so, because most, if not all of my free time will be spent renovating the fixer upper we just purchased.

I hope to document most of the renovation process with both my camera and my camcorder.  I did get a beta invite to Justin.TV, they allow you to broadcast live (stream) a video feed from anywhere to anyone wanting to watch.  If I can some how get my renovation progress to broadcast from the house I’ll do it.   I do not think I will have a broadband connection from there the first few weeks, so I’ll just tape and or photograph the progress and post it when I have time.

Reality of a “real” mortgage is really hitting me, the past (almost) three years have been quite easy with the Co-Op.  We shall see what will come of this, keep tuned in.