Buying a new house, not as fun as I thought.

Posted on the July 18th, 2007 under house,PHP,Rails Ecommerce Project by John

Buying a house, whew what a mess. I never thought buying a house would be so stressful, especially when you are dealing with a builder / developer. We are in contract negotiations right now for a small raised ranch on Long Island. Going back and forth trying to get everything the builder quoted in person in the contract is essential and pain staking! He says one thing in person, yet the contract states other thing. I am sure it will be all ironed out shortly, and the building process will begin. I am just happy its a good sized lot, and we will have a nice size backyard to landscape down the road. Landscaping is a whole other issue, since its very basic when getting a new house. I guess that is something I’ll worry about once we are in and settled, and of course once we have some spare cash to do so. Any one have some thoughts or suggestions?

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