Avoid Broadvoice.com VoIP Phone Company at all costs!

Posted on the December 19th, 2008 under Interesting by John

Just a frustrated consumer…  Avoid http://broadvoice.com at all costs.  I was a customer of theirs for over 4 years, pretty much from when they launched.   I think their service as a VoIP company (Not their customer service) was average.  I had a few issues along the way with their sip servers going down but it was really minimal.   The voice quality was OK, their web interface is is complete, their phone support is moderate at best.   Soo….  4 years later, time to move on to my triple play with Cablevision.  I have a $99.00 a month deal for Cable, Internet, and Phone service.  I think great! Save cash, move the phone number over, done deal.

Ahhh, but wait.  “Broadvoice” is not a phone company (this is the crap they fed to me) .  They will NOT release their number to you if you try to port it OUT.   Yet, they’d gladly port your number in.   While I did NOT agree or sign to these “TERMS” when I first became a customer, yet they magically apply to me.

So now I am stuck moving my home phone to a new number, dumping Broadvoice because they will not transfer my number which will end up in a class action lawsuit sooner or later.  Maybe its me, but I just think that’s shady business practice. They are trying to retain customers by holding your number hostage. This is one time where I think the government needs to step in….

If you provide phone service, 911 service, etc, your a damn phone company in my book.

I hope if you have learned anything from this, its stay away from Broadvoice.  I cain’t even imagine if you have your business lines ported over. Imagine not being able to keep your business number because they would not release it to you?  Seriously think twice before signing up for Broadvoice or any phone company before getting a SIGNED contract that states that you can port your number out when you leave.  Thank god that my business number is not with Broadvoice (I just use their service for outgoing sip on that line, as well as my customers accounts).  I’ll be moving them away from them as well as 4 of my family members as result of this.

Have a good Holiday all!

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