Painting, and more painting.. Moving in this weekend!

Posted on the November 16th, 2007 under house,Levittown,long island,Remodeling by John

Well, this weekend is it! We have to move , there is no other choice, we close on our Coop Monday. Sunday will be spent moving all of our furniture and other things to the house. Our vanity is in stock now, and we will have a sink (the final piece of the puzzle) to complete the downstairs bathroom. Hopefully this weekend we will finish the hardwood in the kitchen and hallway.
The last few days I have been rushing to finish the painting in at least the living room so we have a place to put our stuff (and we probably will be sleeping there for a while till the master bedroom is done.) We went with some bold colors again, these pictures were taken when it was still wet, so it probably will not be as bright as in the photos below. Benjamin Moore paint, its the way to go.

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