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New Apple Macbook Pro due out soon? LED Display and Santa Rosa Intel CPU?

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According to the rumors a new Apple Macbook Pro is due out soon.   I’m hoping it will be updated to the new Intel chipset along with a few other updated features. I have been waiting every since the release of the first Intel Macbook pro for a two button mouse, and I hope this will be part of the update.  Even with the MacPro I have now, I use a two button mouse, and don’t see why they wouldn’t offer that ability on the laptop.  The rumors are as follows:  LED Display, Santa Rosa Intel cpu.  We shall see after WWDC, which is just about a week away.  I’m due for a new laptop, come on Apple, WOW me!

Check the following sites for up to date info: Mac Rumors, Apple Insider as well as the Unofficial Apple Blog.

And don’t miss out on up to the second coverage at the 2007 WWDC  (World Wide Developers Conference) here – >

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