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Google Gears – Plugins for FireFox and IE that allows web apps to run offline

Posted on the May 30th, 2007 under Interesting,programming by

Wow.. This is quite an announcement from Google. They have released (beta) Google Gears, a way to allow web applications offline. I am reading through the API now, and checking out some of the sample applications. This could lead to some interesting applications, especially for those who are frequently on the go (laptops).

” One of the most frequently requested features for Google’s web applications is the ability to use them offline. Unfortunately, today’s web browsers lack some fundamental building blocks necessary to make offline web applications a reality. In other words, we found we needed to add a few new gears to the web machinery before we could get our apps to run offline. Gears is a browser extension that we hope — with time and plenty of input and collaboration from outside of Google — can make not just our applications but everyone’s applications work offline.

ActiveScaffold – A Ruby on Rails plugin for dynamic, AJAX CRUD interfaces

Posted on the May 26th, 2007 under programming,Rails Ecommerce Project,Ruby on Rails by

After playing with streamlined, I discovered ActiveScaffold. ActiveScaffold seems to be a bit more fine tuned and ready for production use then streamlined when it comes to restful development. This is just what I was looking for the speed up the dev of the backend admin area. While its not a final solution, it allows you to get things going fast and start coding the core of your app without the need to code all the minor crud features in the beginning. Its worth a look at, try the demo here:

ActiveScaffold also allows you to override anything you need, layouts, columns, associations, etc.
It doesn’t get more simple and clean then that.

Main features:

* An AJAXified table interface for creating, updating, and deleting objects
* Automatic handling of ActiveRecord associations
* Sorting, Search and Pagination
* Graceful JavaScript degradation
* RESTful API support (XML/YAML/JSON) baked in
* Sexy CSS styling and theming support
* More extension points than you can shake a stick at
* Guaranteed to work on Firefox 1+, IE 6+ and Safari 2+
* Released under the MIT License, the same one as Rails itself, so you can use it freely in your commercial applications.

Working with edge rails – creating a project from scratch using edge rails

Posted on the May 25th, 2007 under programming,Rails Ecommerce Project,Ruby on Rails by

This has always been something I was thinking of, why caint I create my project initially with edge rails?

There are always minor changes in edge rails that can effect creating your project from using the stable version. Using the way below eliminates that issue by creating your initial project with edge.

mkdir -p new_project/vendor
cd new_project
svn co vendor/rails
ruby vendor/rails/railties/bin/rails .

Now you have yourself a fresh project base to start your new edge rails app.