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Ruby on Rails 2.0 and Rails conf 2007

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There are quite a few posts on the keynote @ Rails conf 2007 by David (DHH).

  • > 1 million downloads
  • Hundreds of plugins
  • ~10k people on rubyonrails-talk
  • indicates over 100 countries where people do Rails.
  • IDE: CodeGear, Textmate, NetBeans, JetBrains, Aptana
  • It’s not gonna change everything you know, it’s gonna be humble.
  • No new ‘great’ idea.
  • The experiment worked! (RESTFul resource)
  • The world of resources is a better, greener place.
  • Rails 2.0 will focus more on the REST convention
  • Routes

The above list was taken from:

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EDI and Vendor Compliance Site

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I am working on gathering some generic EDI and vendor compliance information from the web as well as what I have come across while working in the field. I hope to put together a public site with this information along with help from the community. I have created quite a few “templates” for day to day EDI operations as well as some other guides that will make its way onto the site. I already have the site up and running actually, however I just have not had the time to tweak it to my needs.

Dealing with EDI, vendor compliance, routing guides and vendor guides can be quite a task, especially with the larger customers such as the larger chains and department stores. As you know everyone has their own specific requirements, rules and regulations. I am curious how everyone else manages their day to day operations so everything runs smoothly?

Ideally the site will cover some generic information, suggestions and tips. Perhaps I will add forum for communication and help.

If anyone is interested in contributing or have any suggestions at all, please let me know.