SVN / redMine and some project updates

Posted on the May 21st, 2007 under programming,Rails Ecommerce Project,Ruby on Rails by John

I setup the project into svn and redMine everything seems to be working out well. redMine is a nice little application for project management (bug tracking, svn browser, wiki), its worth taking a look at and seems to be a viable alternative to trac.

After getting that setup, I went ahead and started working on the authentication system. Making some minor tweaks (fixed the redirect_to_url, which is not depreciated in edge rails), adding password resetting and started working on the user profile page. I also added a few other controllers and models to get things laid out. Tonight, I’ll finish the authentication and profile pages and hopefully start working on user roles, which should be interesting.

Regarding user roles, there will be three kinds. A Master admin, a company admin, then the employee’s of those companies. I am still debating how I am going to implement this. Any suggestions?

I found a few examples to read about today :

I’ll also be browsing through my many (to many) Rails books tonight to see some other possible solutions.

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