Rails Streamlined Framework

Posted on the May 21st, 2007 under programming,Rails Ecommerce Project,Ruby on Rails by John

I was watching some of the screencasts as well as reading the PDF file of the tutorial they gave at rails conf of Streamlined.

I was quite impressed, and thought I would give it a shot to help speed up some of the minor admin interfaces. It definally worth a look at.

I also noticed with running rails edge you need to comment out a line in the following file in the streamlined plugin dir (streamlined/lib/streamlined/controller.rb)

Comment out (line 111): require_dependencies :ui, Dir[“#{RAILS_ROOT}/app/streamlined/*.rb”].collect {|f| f.gsub(“.rb”, “”)}

#require_dependencies :ui, Dir["#{RAILS_ROOT}/app/streamlined/*.rb"].collect {|f| f.gsub(".rb", "")}

Everything seems to be working OK now, I am not sure if this is the “correct” fix, but I posted on the mailing list to get some feedback.

I’ll keep you updated and see if this causes any issues or if there is another fix / patch.

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