AS/400 and RPG Programming Resources / Tutorials

Posted on the May 10th, 2007 under AS400,programming,RPG by John

I have compiled a list of AS/400 programming resources / tutorials, specifically relating to RPG IV. I hope to add more as time goes on. Any suggestions? – This site has a ton of links – RPG IV Site – Wikipedia RPG overview – AS/400 and RPG news / tips – Introduction of the RPG IV programming language – IBM RPG IV tutorial

Chapter 1. An introduction to RPG IV
Chapter 2. Programming RPG IV with style
Chapter 3. Subprocedures
Chapter 4. An ILE guide for the RPG programmer
Chapter 5. Exploring new ways to exploit your AS/400 system
Chapter 6. Database access with RPG IV
Chapter 7. A modern tool for a modern language: CODE/400
Chapter 8. VisualAge for RPG as a GUI for RPG applications
Appendix A. Example RPG IV programs on the Web
Appendix B. An introduction to the Integrated File System (IFS)
Appendix C. PTFs for *SRCSTMT and *NODEBUGIO

PDF: – iseries information center

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