Rails Day 2006 Live Projects

Posted on the June 21st, 2006 under Ruby on Rails by John

Rails Day 2006 Projects

Below is a list I put together from searching the web about rails day 2006 projects. I’ll try to keep it updated as new projects are put live. Quite a few interestering ones like Cuppin and Sneakology! *** A lot of these links are now deal, hopefully there will be a rails day 2007.

Name URL Desc
Concourse http://technomancy.us:3000/ Concourse is a tool to make planning gatherings easy, even if you don’t know the schedule of everyone who can attend, or even who can attend in the first place.
Advisr http://tickets.thar.be/tickets Advisr is a ticket managment application with a slightly more social twist. Instead of the standard severity for tickets we have how much this ticket affects you personally. Defects and enhancements are supported. This app arrose out of a real need and we plan on working on it much more in the fututre as we need it for our own daily use.
GoodToGarden http://www.goodtogarden.com the world’s first Web 2.0 gardening app. Even more importantly, it’s the first Web 2.0-style site without serious gradients, rounded corners, and drop shadows.
Cuppin http://Cuppin.com A social coffee tasting website that we’ve built to help people find, compare, and enjoy coffees from around the world.
ToDo list http://tofu.gina.alaska.edu:3000 A small ToDo list app
SimpleForms http://www.jtoe.net:3000 SimpleForms solves the age old problem of keeping track of user information . We don’t all have the luxury of having developers at our beck and call. SimpleForms lets you define your own form , include it on your website, and keeps track of all the data for you. With a simple copy and paste of a short snippet of html markup, you too can collect information from your users!
Sneakology http://www.sneakology.com Sneakology offers simple cataloging, tracking and conversation tools for people who love sneakers.
GMail clone http://ror-mail.kicks-ass.net I set out to make a GMail clone with some extra features, but I didn’t finish. My inspiration was that, even though I host my own webmail with SquirrelMail, I liked using GMail more and more as time went on. I was starting to hate Squirrel mail. 🙂
d20 Online http://alltom.com/haxr The nearly-fully-functional site allows users to register and create avatars, the personas they will use to play Dungeon Master for a campaign or participate as players. Avatars have race and biographical info–the game is as immersive as the players make it.
weather tracker http://weather.ericwagoner.com Weather Log, will keep a running history of all of the weather predictions for your area, gathering a fresh 5-day forecast every time you visit. A simple form allows you to record what really happened, complete with temperatures, humidity, wind info, pressure, and precipitation.
giveit www.giveit.to Create and share your gift wish lists with family and friends.
restaurant review www.jsquintz.com (down) Comminity driven restuarant review website.
Happy pig http://happypig.ethelred.org Happy Pig helps make writing grocery lists easy andsort them into the right order for the store you are going to.
Myspaper myspaper.com (down) Myspaper is a single page personal newspaper that takes news from rss/atom feeds and summarizes them on a single page.
World Cup 2006 predictions http://sampohlenz.com/worldcup/ World Cup 2006 predictions game, shows everyones predictions for the world cup games.
frorum http://www.frorum.net A very simple forum site.
HugTracker http://www.hugtracker.com HugTracker is an anti-bug system to applaud team members for a job well done instead of focusing on all the stuff that’s broken with bugs.
c·umul·us http://c.umul.us c·umul·us is a project that i am 100% commited to making into a reality. After Rails Day 2006, I will be adding features that i didn’t have time to commit to during Rails Day as well as finalizing c·umul·us to be released to the public.
PingUp Pingup is a dead simple service for making sure your websites are online. Emails you when your site is not online.
tasti.er http://nobits.org/tasti.er/ tasti.er is a centralized bookmark manager. Unlike other, much inferior, systems tasti.er is not a social bookmarking site and focuses on personal bookmarks only. It also provides a highly responsive user interface that is required to quickly look-up and add bookmarks.
Slice of Sites http://www.sliceofsites.com/ Guess what site it is based on a small image slice of the site.
W.ebtag wwW.ebtag.com A personal bookmarking site and tagging site. A way to organize the vast hyperlink jungle in a way that fundamentally makes sense to you.
Contact Management http://railsday.mooo.com Simple contact management with a search driven user interface
Heartbeat http://heartbeat.highgroove.com Heartbeat is a web interface for maintaining and monitoring your Ruby on Rails applications. With Heartbeat, you can monitor the uptime of URLs and run your application’s rake tasks from a single web page. Heartbeat can be extended however you want – if you can write a rake task, Heartbeat can execute it!
Topiki http://www.zacharypinter.com/topiki Topiki is a new kind of wiki categorization system. It blends the concepts behind topic maps allowing for powerful relations to be made between different topics. In addition to aiding navigation, these relations can be used as metadata about topics. Furthermore, relation types can be defined, giving the application hints on metadata you might want to input for new topics.
apuestoque http://railsday06.orthonauts.com/ WTF is apuestoque ?. Good question XD. We are trying to folk-teryze the world of bets. No more for money, no more only sports-based , no more only for profit bets. Who are going to win the Rails Day ’06?. When will the relationship of my ex-girlfriend with his new boyfriend end?. Bets. Only for fun.
Roomind.us http://www.roomind.us A service that allows you to track the bills and shared expenses for an entire household. Keep track of how much each tenant owes for each expense and when they are due. Lazy roommate who you always have to nag for a bill to be paid? Just send off a friendly email and avoid confrontation.
cockpit http://cockpit.nicolinux.org It’s a simple Windowmanager where you can load other sites small windows within the browser. Usefull if you want to keep an eye on many things at the same time.
My One Goal http://www.myonegoal.com/ My One Goal is a site to help you achieve one goal at a time. Each day,
you go on and tell us about your progress. You can comment on your
friend’s progress, and they can comment on yours.

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